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DiNORMOUS Solutions

We are dedicated to providing our clients with integrated marketing and branding strategies. With decades of experience, working through the ever-evolving media and public relations landscape, our work will ensure your success is...DiNORMOUS.

Communications & Marketing Consulting

We offer a la carte consulting as well as the option of creating an entire communications strategy for any organization, government agency, initiative, or political campaign. Our communications plans include press conferences to social media management, as well as public relations imaging to generate earned media opportunities when possible. It's all part of our DiNAMIC solutions.

Strategic Planning & Public Relations

Let's establish your mission and message with a comprehensive plan. From graphic images, typography, and color palette, we'll ensure that your identity and message are on point. Your marketing plan will be relevant to your target individuals while illustrating your principles and sensitivity to cultural competency.   From marketing campaigns, grassroots programs, or statewide advocacy, we plan DiNAMIC solutions.

Social & Digital Marketing

An ever-evolving component of your strategy, we establish a dinamic and creative social and digital strategy.  We know how to make government initiatives, recruitment advertising, and political campaigns engaging. Paid and organic content will capture audiences, increase awareness, and generate interest and engagement to move the right people toward action and results.

Creative Production

There are so many ways to think "outside the box" without going to the extreme but in deliberate ways that capture attention, create engagement and cause action, while conveying your message in a meaningful way. We create DiNAMIC static, audio, and video content to connect with users across digital, social, and traditional media.

Crisis Communications

From being in the thick of the pandemic to a tragic incident you may face in your city, state, company, or campaign, we are here to work with you to ensure challenging predicaments are handled with the utmost care. Your response is what matters most. Crisis management requires a tactical and strategic approach to mitigate negative outcomes. We'll work with you 24/7 to craft a well-thought-out plan and meaningful response.

Media Buying

After crafting a strategic marketing and communications plans with fresh creative content, let's build a media plan that meets your goals and speaks to your audience.  We will recommend the best course of action to reach your target across the appropriate media platforms. We have experience integrating media buys for everything digital, including social and search engine platforms, as well as traditional billboards, bus, broadcast radio, tv, and print.

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